Q: Will CST lift spindles work on a 4WD?

A: No, lift spindles are intended for 2WD trucks & S.U.V.'s only.


Q: Do CST lift spindles widen the trac width of my vehicle?

A: Most CST lift spindles increase the trac width less than 1.5 inches total.


Q: Are my factory wheels going to work with my lift kit?

A: While most of our 4WD kits allow you to run the factory spare most 2WD lift spindles are going to require aftermarket wheels. Another important thing to remember is typically a larger tire on factory wheels does not work.


Q: Why are lift kits designed to lift the front of the vehicle more than the rear?

A: The majority of vehicles equipped with the O.E. suspension sit high in the rear, with this in mind CST lift kits are engineered to lift the front typically 2-3" higher in the front to leave the vehicle with a level stance when finished.


Q: Do I need to change my front shocks when installing CST lift spindles?

A: Lift spindles in no way, shape, or form change the travel of a truck or s.u.v. so new shocks are not required.


Q: What wheel & tire packages fit after I install my lift kit?

A: With all the different tire, wheel and wheel offsets available we recommend you check with your installer for specifics but typically we have a max approved tire diameter listed on our site with your kit.


Q: Am I going to need to re-gear my truck after it's lifted?

A: The lift kit typically has no correlation to the gear ratio however the new oversized tire you choose could. Be sure to check with your local professional installer on gear recommendations.


Q: Can I still tow with my truck after my CST lift kit is installed?

A: Most CST lift kits use fabricated lift blocks in the rear, blocks in no way change the trucks load rating, some CST kits use new leafs in the rear those may reduce the trucks load rating. Either way check with your installer for rear helper, air bag or performance options.


Q: How long will my stock steering components last?

A: Most steering parts are considered a consumable part, check with a professional mechanic or refer to your owner’s manual for specifics. CST suggests having suspension and steering parts checked by a professional four wheel drive, lift shop or mechanic at least once a year.


Q: How long do Uni-Balls last?

A: Like the question above a Uni-Ball is a consumable part and does wear out over time, the time it takes varies truck to truck based off of several variables. Inspect at least once a year!


Q: Was my lift kit made in America?

A: Hell yes! All CST shocks, lift kits and even cast spindles are proudly made in the U.S.A.





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